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Modern Grassroots Advocacy Tools by Craig Schoenfeld

The new technology provides grassroots advocacy leaders, like Craig Schoenfeld, with advanced tools that help campaigns succeed. Grassroots advocacy campaigns are created with the intent to communicate important issues to the public, encouraging people to stir change by contacting their elected officials. These campaigns rely on citizen-based activism and raise public awareness so that the […]

Craig Schoenfeld Launches Successful Strategic Communications Plans

Take the guesswork out of campaign communications using Craig Schoenfeld’s expertise. Communications is a broad term, and quite frankly, a broad professional field. It includes all those who want to create, push, deliver, or study information that goes to the public or to the masses. Public relations, marketing, journalism, video producers, educators, and researchers are […]

Craig Schoenfeld Positively Impact Corporations

Crisis Communication Strategies by Craig Schoenfeld Positively Impact Corporations

Craig Schoenfeld, president of CR3 Connect, explains how crisis communication plans mitigate damage to companies’ reputations. It’s vital for companies to be prepared for sudden emergencies or conflicts that could negatively impact the organization. When a crisis happens, communicating strategically to employees, clients, and the general public can mitigate damage to the company’s reputation by […]


Influential lobbyist, Craig Schoenfeld, is making a difference to the residents of Iowa. Grassroots activism has been a vital part of the United States democratic process for centuries. Craig Schoenfeld has risen to become one of the top lobbyists in Iowa. He has worked as a lobbyist, political strategist, press spokesman, and campaigns operations manager for many […]

Craig Schoenfeld Plays Crucial Role in Government Legislation

Through lobbying, Craig Schoenfeld lets the voices of citizens be heard. In the United States government, lobbying is a crucial component to keep the wheels turning. Lobbying provides access to government legislators so that legislative action, which affects all citizens, can be influenced. Without lobbying, the government at every level would have a difficult time […]